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Norcon not only exceeded expectations on the delivery of our expanded artistic home, but served as a true partner and collaborator for the artists, board and staff of Steppenwolf in making our long-held vision a reality.

E. Brooke Flanagan

Executive Director

Steppenwolf Theatre Company 

Throughout all of these endeavors, Norcon, Inc. has been a partner that many times has to deliver the "good" and "bad" news, when glitches occur. In these circumstances, the Norcon team rolls up their sleeves and works with us to resolve. The values of Norcon's senior management team is ingrained within their culture, they take nothing for granted and take pride in providing the highest quality of team, workmanship, and results.

Kristen Drewke


Baxalta/Shire Healthcare

Norcon is, hands down, the best general contractor I have worked with - highly professional, committed to excellence, a positive attitude throughout the project, and highly competent individuals representing the company.

Larry Hewitt
Northbrook School District #28

Norcon was on time with every step of the process! The entire process was well managed!

Mike Allietta
Sheridan Legacy Group

Norcon did a great job helping us re-cast the project budget into something doable. This may have been a bit challenging for Norcon, due to the "non-profit" nature of the project. Candidly, we didn't have much budget leeway so every nickel counted. It proved to be a total team effort, and with significant client input, we got to a number we could live with. Both the project manager and the site superintendent were always on top of things. Thanks for a job well done. It was more challenging than the client ever imagined; having Norcon on the team was a big reason why it turned out to be a success!

B. Timothy Desmond
Executive Vice President of the Little City Board

Norcon is a professional organization. The office personnel are knowledgeable, accessible and respond in a timely manner. Field superintendent (on our project) was outstanding. He understood the intent of the documents and was very attentive to the details. He was responsive to owner issues and coordinated a variety of needs and requests in a very professional and courteous manner.

Dante Domenella
domenella ARCHITECTS ltd.
Mary Seat of Wisdom Renovation

The work completed by Norcon was of the highest quality, was timely, and also efficient. Being a non-profit organization, our funds are always very tight, and we quickly realized during the project that our dreams were far loftier than we could afford. The Norcon team worked tirelessly for us, managing our project to a dime and squeezing as much value as possible out of the project. In the end, we received a first class building for second class money, and the team at Norcon did so with the honor and integrity one would expect of a family friend – far surpassing our expectations.

David Schmitz
Managing Director
Steppenwolf Theatre Company

Norcon became a big part of our Butler Family this summer and is always welcome back!!! You guys were great and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Shamera Totty
Founding Dean of Operations
Noble Network of Charter Schools | Butler College Prep


Jeff Jozwiak and Charlie Norwesh have assembled a team of project managers and field superintendents that share their positive attitude, professional integrity and attention to detail in both the construction and management realms. Our mutual clients are impressed with Norcon's problem solving and overall construction knowledge.

Geri Kelley
McBride Kelley Bauer Architects

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