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Whether you are looking for an internship, starting your career, or you're an experienced professional looking for a better fit, your next step could be with Norcon, Inc.



We will be the most client-focused and progressive construction firm in Chicagoland.


We partner with our clients to provide a high level of service that results in successful projects and repeat business.

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Former Assistant Project Manager


A Great Place to Develop a Career


Norcon is a mid-size construction firm undergoing rapid growth in the Chicago market. The smaller size means even new employees have more access to senior management (including the two founders who both still work in the office) and greater responsibility early-on than at larger firms. Norcon's growth provides career advancement opportunities more often than average.


One of Norcon's best qualities is the diversity of project types it specializes in - midrise residential, pharmaceutical, higher education, art galleries, museums, restaurants, etc. I've developed a more well-rounded skillset than I think would be possible at a different company where projects go on for three years and entry level roles are more narrowly defined. In my relatively short time at Norcon so far, I've worked on bidding, scheduling, budget management, pay applications, logistics, subcontracts, and all sorts of site issues and drawing revisions. I've also run point on several small-to-midsize projects.


Norcon has a pretty solid culture; there are weekly Thirsty Thursdays on the roof deck, a softball team in the summer, and people are generally very friendly. Everyone knows everyone for the most part although social interactions are somewhat limited to your own project team. The office itself is great, a nice bright space with good views of downtown.

While new employees are well trained, the small size and fast pace means some situations are sink-or-swim. Norcon will give you as much responsibility as you can handle and that means long hours in some situations. You definitely need to be assertive and proactive to succeed here. I think we could do a better job recruiting and developing new talent to round out teams that will become considerably busier as we continue growing.

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Based on Glass Door*

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Former Intern



The company does a good job at communicating with their clients and their subcontractors. They allowed their interns to participate and contribute in meetings with their clients and subcontracts, as well. Cons


One thing Norcon could do better is involving interns in the decision making processes. I found that on a few occasions, the project managers I was working with would make decisions/agreements with their clients. While I would hear about the decisions, I would have been interested to see how they were able to come to their agreement.

Great Place To Work



- The owners take a personal interest in each of their employees

- Diverse construction project opportunities

- Summer hours from Memorial Day to Labor Day

- The tools and equipment needed to run a job are provided

- Company invests in the new technology allowing PMs to be most efficient

- Direct involvement from the owners which is not seen at other companies

- Collaborative approach to projects allows for great learning experiences



- Parking is limited at the office for those who have to drive to work

- Some of the work-flow processes are inefficient

- Depending on the project there could be too much oversight from senior management

- The title of Project Manager is given to easily to employees

- Superintendents are not held responsible for their role on a project and there's no reprimand


Advice to Management:

Great place to work overall and happy to be part of the Norcon Team. Would like to see some of the dead weight removed from the office as they are holding the company back as a whole.

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Current Project Manager

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